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Service Details & Fees

Piano Tuning

Have your piano sounding its best when all of its 200+ strings are tuned correctly. Pianos that are tuned regularly will hold their tuning longer between service periods. Tuning is one of the most basic needs of a piano, and will ensure its tone sounds clean and focused.

If your piano has not been tuned within 18 months or so, it will likely require a “pitch adjustment” tuning. A piano's sound board and other structural components change position and dimension when the tension of the 200+ piano strings are changed. When this happens, strings that have been previously tuned will also change pitch. This is why a neglected piano must be tuned multiple times in order for its tuning to remain stable; another very important reason to maintain your instrument on a regular basis.

Piano Repair

Your piano has thousands of moving parts. Most repairs require specialized tools, parts, and the skill to perform these repairs properly.

These repairs might include:  Sticking keys, keys that will not repeat, keys that click or make other noises, keys that are not level, broken or buzzing strings, squeaky pedals, notes that double strike or will not play, notes that will not dampen properly, broken hammer shanks, and loose tuning pins, just to name a few.

Piano Regulation

Regulation is the adjustment of the pianos action to proper specifications so your instrument will react as intended. Notes that double strike, fail to repeat or do not sound at all are some common signs that regulation is needed.  


Is your piano too bright, dull, harsh, or muddy? It doesn't matter how you choose to describe it, the very tone of your piano can be altered to your liking by addressing the hammers in your piano. Voicing should only be performed after action regulation and piano tuning are deemed adequate. 

Humidity Control Systems 

Humidity fluctuation is one of the leading causes of a piano going out of tune. As humidity changes, the wooden parts of the piano begin to swell or shrink, tightening or relaxing the strings and other components. Large, continuous fluctuations in humidity can cause damage long term if left in such an environment. Dampp-Chaser Corp. offers an automatic humidity control system that resides inside of your piano, keeping the environment within more stable, aiding in piano tuning stability and long term protection for your investment. As a certified system installer, I can help with that.

Service Fees


This service is for regular customers who have had their piano serviced regularly. (Within 18 months)


Pitch Adjustment + Tuning 

This service is for new customers or if your piano has not been 

serviced within 18 months


Repairs, Regulation and Voicing (hourly)

Minor repairs are prorated in 15 minute intervals


Upright Dampp-Chaser System Installation


Grand Dampp-Chaser System Installation

For grands smaller than 6'10" 


Grand Dampp-Chaser System Installation

For grands larger than 6'10"


Dampp-Chaser service

Performed at the time of tuning service, includes new liners, pads/wicks, and inspection of the system. Recommended for active systems.


*prices and fees are subject to change

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